Jayhawks Men's Basketball vs. Kellogg CC

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks men's basketball team (NJCAA Div. II, 4-1) went on the road to face the Bruins of Kellogg Community College (NJCAA Div. II, 2-0) as part of the Owens Community College Invitational. The Bruins' defense did not have all the answers for the Jayhawks' offense, who took a 10 point lead into the half. The second half had the Jayhawks' offensive production increase from the first half while their defense allowed less points on their way to defeating the Bruins 98-75. The Jayhawks were led by #34 Ohndo Smith (Manhattan), who recorded a double double with 32 points and 17 rebounds; #10 Kasean Jackson's (Brooklyn) double double with 11 points and 10 rebounds; #4 Chris Van Buren's (Brooklyn) 22 points; #20 Jaleel Gary's (Bronx) 13 points and 5 rebounds; and #33 Kamal Nelson's (Brooklyn) 10 points and 5 rebounds.

Win, 98-75