Jayhawks Men's College vs. Cecil College

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks Men's Basketball team (NJCAA Div. II, 5-2) traveled to Monroe to face the Seahawks of Cecil College (NJCAA Div. II, 3-2) as part of the Monroe CC Tournament. The Jayhawks' offense was a precision machine from the start and the Jayhawks built what should have been an insurmountable 15 point lead, scoring 59 points by the half. But it's as they say, "that's why they play the game."  The Seahawk offense exploded in the second half and put up 51 points while their defense shut down the Jayhawk offense and completed the hard fought come back with a 97-90 victory over the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks were led by #34 Ohndo Smith (Manhattan), who recorded a double double with 25 points and 17 rebounds; #4 Chris Van Buren's (Brooklyn) 30 points; #20 Jaleel Gary's (Bronx) 15 points; and #30 Aleksander Peck's (West Ellicott) 10 points.

Loss, 90-97