32 Brandon Kemp
32 Brandon Kemp
Year: So
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
High School: Xaverian HS
Position: Forward
Major: Individual Studies

Brandon Kemp is a sophomore student at JCC and a member of the Jayhawk men's basketball team. He played on the basketball team for his high school, Xaverian, in Brooklyn before coming here. Kemp is an Individual Studies major; after graduating he plans to transfer to a four-year university, where he will major in Communication and continue to play basketball. NBA player Paul George is his favorite athlete.


Spot Light Athlete of the Week

Brandon Kemp is a sophomore at JCC who currently plays on the men’s basketball team. At first Kemp didn’t know he was going to be attending JCC because his first option fell through. Then he called Coach Sisson back and Sisson convinced him to become a Jayhawk. Coach talked about how he wanted guys that can compete and Kemp also knew other guys coming here so he felt comfortable. Since he has been playing Basketball here he says that it is nice to have something else to focus on besides schoolwork all the time. He also said “I’m a competitive person so being in a competitive environment brings out the best in me.”

When asked what he likes to do in his free time besides playing basketball he said “the days go by so fast, that by the time everything gets done it is nice to be able to relax.” He also really enjoys hanging out with his close friends, his teammates, and his girlfriend. He really enjoys hanging out with another basketball player, Brendan Banna, the two are real close and have a lot in common and spend a ton of time together. The thing that Kemp enjoys most about basketball is how there are so many different athletes that bring different aspects to the game. Everybody is different and it is cool to see how each individual brings their own style to the court. He also likes how players at college levels put their body’s on the line and the competition level.

Brandon Kemp does want to play basketball after he is finished up with schooling at JCC. He said “I don’t really have a preference to where I play, I just want to play Division 1. There was a time in my life where I didn’t have any options to pick where I could play. So now that I do it is cool to experience that.”

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring athletes Kemp said “#TrustTheProcess. By that he meant just remain focused on your goals. School work is just as important as playing the sport that you play."