Jayhawks Post Season Preview

Jayhawks Post Season Preview
The JCC Jayhawks will be on the road as they face the Tribunes from Monroe Community College in the NJCAA Region III, Division II Semifinals.  The two teams have faced off twice this season (both close wins by the Tribunes, 75-65 and 82-75) and have faced off in the playoff's numerous times in the past.  We were able to catch up with Head Coach George Sisson for some Q and A about his thoughts on the upcoming game and the season so far:

  1. Who is your biggest competitor? This year our region is as balanced as I've seen it in a long time. Everybody has beaten everybody. If you were to poll the coaches, they wouldn't be able to pick a certain team to play. The past has been a two horse show, but a three day tournament with these five teams you could play five weeks in a row anf have multiple winners. 
  2. What are you most looking forward to about regionals? I'm looking to see of we can find our next level, because that's what it's going to take to win. We've played really well, we've played good, and we've played bad. I'm looking forward to see if we can put a full game together and stay consistant. 
  3. Who are your top performers? We have all five starters scoring double figures all within a few points of each other. I'd say all nine games in a Jayhawk jersey are our top performers. A lot of pressure falls on my point guard, Mike Bush, but in the end we can do together what we can't do by ourselves. If we keep the we over me, we will compete right until the buzzers. 
  4. How has the season been so far? I think we have grown quite a bit. We have a tendancy to play a little bit different than every other team in the region. Our big guys play power basketball, and it's difficult to get them open. It's hard to teach the guards when to feed it to them how to feed it them and where we feed it to them. It's been a growing process. With us beating a hot genesee at the end of the season was a big confidence booster. 
  5. What have your biggest challenges been and how have you worked to overcome them?  I think every coaches biggest challenge ecery year is figuring out every players roles and getting each player to understand their role. Everybody wants to be the big role, but we keep telling our guys sometimes making the play is setting the screen or blocking out. Society has taught us that making the play is only scoring. That's what kills us. We can't have five leading scorers. This year is the closest we've been to having five guys leading scoring. I think my guys are starting to have a clear picture of what we need to do and what our roles are to be successful. 
  6. What are you looking forward to next year? Pot of gold, national championship. If that isn't your goal, you need to get out. Win a national championship with 15 of the best Jayhawks.