Jim Riggs Post Journal Weekend

Jim Riggs Post Journal Weekend

Jim Riggs helped provide Jamestown Community College and its athletics program a sense of place regionally and nationally. He was the consummate journalist: he reported objectively on countless games and matches, captured emotion and action on miles of film and several gigabytes of digital memory, and shared the highs and lows of 40 years of Jayhawk athletics to countless readers. Jim was renowned in the National Junior College Athletic Association for his coverage of the Jayhawk program; none of JCC's NJCAA colleagues had a media presence that compared to the one Jim had developed about JCC athletics.

Jim's interest in providing the personal side of athletics – through profiles of student athletes and coaches in his "All in a Day's Sports" columns was genuine and sincere. JCC figured into many of those columns, which provided not just a glimpse, but a full-on look, at what he felt made the Jayhawk program valuable and sustainable. His memory was incomparable; he remembered everything about Jayhawk athletics and the names that made those memories.

From the glory days of the Jayhawk men's basketball in the 1970s, to the NJCAA College World Series in the 1990s, and to 16 years of the NJCAA golf national championships each June at Chautauqua Golf Club, Jim's media coverage made every event a national event. Coaches from throughout the east and Midwest looked forward to seeing Jim at the golf nationals each year because of the way he treated them and wrote about their teams.

Jim was a JCC alumnus and a stalwart Jayhawk but no one can claim he was biased in his reporting. He was dedicated to making sure credit was given to where credit was due, regardless of the game's outcome. JCC's student athletes, alumni, coaches, and supporters benefited from his professionalism, keen insights, and passion for sports, and his legacy will endure.