Jayhawks Men's Soccer vs. Lorain County CC

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks men's soccer team (3-4, NJCAA Div. III) faced off against the Commodores of Lorain County Community College. The Jayhawks and Commodores played a close matchup in the first half, with #15 Erik Olson (Maple Grove), assisted by #17 Zachary Jackson (Randolph), breaking the scoreless tie to give the Jayhawks a 1-0 lead going into the half. In the second half, the Jayhawks' offense erupted. #9 Mathew Born (Randolph) scored with an assist by #23 Jacob Searles (Australia), and then Born scored a second goal with an assist from #12 Eric Preister (Southwestern). #29 Alejandro Muniz (Dunkirk) scored next with an assist from #1 Josh Anderson (Jamestown) and #28 David Meekins (Maple Grove). The final goal was put in by Josh Anderson with an assist form #3 Justin Loverme (Southwestern). On defense, the Jayhawks kept the Commodores from scoring. Led by goalie Eric Preister, who saved all four shots on goal, the Jayhawks got the shutout, downing the Commodores 5-0.

W, 5-0