JCC Athletes Take Part in Campus-Wide Clean Up

JCC Athletes Take Part in Campus-Wide Clean Up

JAMESTOWN – Being a student-athlete is more than going to classes and participating in their specific sport. Being a student-athlete also entails being an active member in the local community and on campus.


During the fall break at Jamestown Community College, 49 student-athletes from the institutions broke out the buckets of soapy water and brushes and cleaned up over 30 wooden benches throughout campus. The benches around campus include the ones by the Science Center, Carnahan Center, Hultquist Library, Winger Way and the dorm building.


"It was a great day for JCC Athletics," said Assistant Director of Athletics and Compliance Ashley Lund. "To see so many athletes from all the different sport teams taking the time to make a part of the campus that people can use to relax and enjoy time together was fun to see. We had great weather for the event and everyone made the most of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands a little dirty."


Groups were broken down to three members each with mixing different sports teams together. Along with cleaning up the campus for patrons to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but it helped build comradery within athletics and allowed student-athletes to meet new people.


"We hope that the college community will take the time to go out and appreciate the beautiful benches that are around our campus and know that the student athlete's had their hand in making them just a little bit better," said Lund, who is also the head coach of the volleyball team.


So next time you are walking around campus or if you are stuck inside for a long period of time, be sure to go outside and relax on the fresh clean benches.