Jayhawks Ready For National Tournament

Jayhawks Ready For National Tournament

Chautauqua Golf Club

Chautauqua, NY


Dan Vona started his first season at Jamestown Community College like the rest of the spring sports in Western New York, wet and cold. Despite the less than ideal golf weather, Vona and his team has fought and scratched in every round they played this spring.

While observing the practice round on early Monday afternoon, Anthony Miller, Dillan LaBarbera, and Nick Mole, looked to be locked in and ready to compete on the National stage.

"My guys are ready and excited to get after it.", Head Coach Dan Vona said. 

As the players made their way around the course, their excitement could be felt with every shot they took. "We're excited to get the opportunity to compete in the National Tournament, especially on our own course.", sophomore Dillian Labarbera added.


Nick Mole and his teammates will tee off the front at 9:08am, followed by Dillian LaBarbera at 9:16am, and finally Anthony Miller at 9:24am.