Jayhawks Women's Basketball vs. Niagara College

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks women's basketball team (NJCAA Div. II, 13-2) went north of the border to participate in the Canada Tournament against the Knights of Niagara College (NJCAA). The first half was a close contest with the Jayhawks taking a narrow 3 point 27-24 lead. Both the Knights and Jayhawks improved offensively in the second half, but the Knights' offense was not enough to keep up with the Jayhawks' offense as the Jayhawks downed the Knights 71-64. The Jayhawks were led by #11 Elle Reed's (Sherman) 23 points and 8 rebounds; #21 Alex Sullivan's (Southwestern) 18 points and 4 rebounds; #24 Akiah Luceus' (Victory Collegiate) 9 points and 6 rebounds; #22 Lacey Clark's (Dunkirk) 9 points and 3 rebounds; #40 Corri Hannon's (Falconer) 6 points and 12 rebounds; and #20 Nakisha Saintval's (North Miami Beach) 6 points and 11 rebounds.

Win, 71-64