George Bataitis Open

31th George Bataitis Open - POSTPONED

This year's George Bataitis Open golf tournament takes place Saturday, May 9. Proceeds benefit JCC Jamestown Campus Student Athletics. Thanks to Jamestown Macadam, Inc. for being our major sponsor!


Who: Any golfer
Location: Chautauqua Golf Club
Date: TBD
Admission cost: $100 non member, $80 Chautauqua Golf Club member (optional - $20 contests)

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About the GBO

The George Bataitis Open Golf Tournament started as an afternoon of golf among friends. When George Bataitis retired after more than 35 years of distinguished service to Jamestown Community College, a scholarship fund was initiated in his name, with the GBO providing the funds.

Since that time, over $290,000 has been raised for scholarships for athletes attending Jamestown Community College. On October 11, 2014 George passed away at the age of 87. We honor his memory by continuing this tournament that shows his commitment to JCC and student athletes.