Athletic Training

Jamestown Community College Athletic Training is dedicated to providing the best possible health care system for its student athletes. Physicians, athletic trainers (certified and student), coaches, and athletes all play an interactive role in establishing an effectively operating system of prevention and care. Education takes a priority role for the professional staff, enabling them to stay current with techniques and equipment that will assist in retaining/attaining a safe and healthy playing environment for the athletes at JCC.

At JCC, you can have the opportunity to learn and experience the athletic training profession. PHE 1500: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries introduces the student to the basic methods of conditioning, prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, administrative procedures and other major concerns conducted in an athletic training setting. There is an emphasis on the application of skills and knowledge in the clinical experience in the athletic training Room. It is a beneficial course for anyone planning to continue their education in coaching, athletic training, sports medicine, physical therapy or any other related health profession. Various methods of teaching are used, including: lecture, discussion, videos, handouts, demonstrations, and hand-on learning.

When the student successfully completes PHE 1500, there is an option to participate in an athletic training internship. This course will give students the opportunity to apply knowledge of athletic training skills to a “hands on” experience. Each student will be assigned to work with an athletic team under the supervision of the certified athletic trainer for the semester, attending practices and games. As an athletic training student, they will learn more about the aspects of conditioning, injury evaluation and treatment, preventive techniques and rehabilitation. They are given the opportunity to interact with coaches and student athletes, to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries, and to travel with their assigned team. In the past, athletic training students at JCC have the opportunity to attend the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association (EATA) Medical Symposium and the Empire State Games.

Since 1999, JCC’s athletic training interns have pursued careers in athletic training, as well as other health and science professions, such as orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, forensic science, personal training, coaching, and education.