Jayhawks Men's Basketball vs. Lorain County CC

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks men's basketball team (NJCAA Div. II, 11-3) went on the road to face the Commodores of Lorain County Community College (NJCAA Div. III, 10-4). The Commodores jumped out to a commanding 49-39 first half lead over the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks made the necessary adjustments to both their offense and defense as the Jayhawks scored 50 second half points while only allowing 30 to come from behind and defeat the Commodores 89-79. The Jayhawks were led by #4 Chris Van Buren's (Brooklyn) 31 points and 6 steals; #34 Ohndo Smith's (Manhattan) double double of 28 points and 23 rebounds; #33 Kamal Nelson's (Brooklyn) 13 points and 5 rebounds; #21 Dimitri Jarrett's (Brooklyn) 4 points and 4 rebounds; and #30 Aleksander Peck's (West Ellicott) 4 assists and 7 rebounds.

Win, 89-79