Jayhawks Men's Soccer vs. Lakeland CC

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks men's soccer team (2-2, NJCAA Div. III) hosted the Lakers of Lakeland Community College (0-2, Div I). The Jayhawks dominated the Lakers 2-0. The Jayhawks' offense was led by Mathew Born (Randolph), who scored both goals. The first goal was assisted by Jacob Searles (Australia) and Alejandro Muniz(Dunkirk). Born's second goal was assisted by Zachary Jackson (Randolph). The Jayhawks' defense, led by goalieBrenton Walker's (Australia) 3 saves, kept the Lakers offense off the scoreboard. The Jayhawks' next game will be September 6, where the Jayhawks will be hosting the Generals of Herkimer Community College (Div III, 2-0).

Win, 2-0