Jayhawks Women's Volleyball vs. Niagara County CC

The Jamestown Community College Jayhawks women's volleyball team (NJCAA Div. III, 3-2) hosted the Thunderwolves of Niagara County Community College (NJCAA Div. III). The Jayhawks looked to be defeated, losing the first two sets (26-24, 25-19) and were down in what seemed to be the final set when they rallied, winning the third set (25-23). The fourth set was dominated by the Jayhawks (25-12). With momentum on their side, the Jayhawks downed the Thunderwolves in the final set (15-9), leading to a 3-2 victory. The Jayhawks were led by #7 Kaitlyn Nye's (Cattaraugus) 37 assists and 15 digs, #1 Mandy Finch's (Randolph) 22 digs and 19 kills, #5 Shannon Gunnell's (Falconer) 20 kills and 17 digs, #6 Alexis Terrette's 13 digs, and #2 Kayleane Chase's (Randolph) 7 blocks.

Win, 3-2